Taking lunch and diner experience to a whole new level. The Izkaya experience will bring a ‘WOW-factor’ to your hotel and offers you distinctiveness.

Izkaya is a unique, innovative and state of art concept that combines traditional (award winning!) hospitality with high tech customer interface solutions. The concept combines Asian fusion dining delicacies, with visual artistry, and drinks, all guided by fabulous staff.

With Izkaya you are buying into experience of building, running and operating a unique concept that can deliver great ROI. The beauty of the concept is that it is not only innovative and distinct: it also appeals to a large target audience.

The USP's

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Staff cost efficient

25% saving possible
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Images sell better. Besides that, with Izkaya the positioning of dishes is flexible. Make interactive pairing of drinks, best of season specials etc.
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Dynamic pricing

You can (temporarily) add or delete dishes, adjust the price of your dishes ‘a la minute’, or not show prices at all if it’s a group menu.
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Wow factor

Great PR and marketing value.
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Scalable / mobile

The tables are mobile and plug & play.
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Full menu, always up to date

Full menu details will be provided, including detailed recipes, cost control sheets and updates

The Izkaya touch table experience

Full concept

Besides the touch tables, furniture and decoration, full menu details will be provided including detailed recipies, cost control sheets and updates.

Saving costs, not quality

Saving personell costs without limiting your service. As your host(ess) saves time taking orders, you can expect a personel costs saving up to 25%.

No paper menu

The menu is digital and can be influenced by you. As with Google, you decide which dish comes on top. As the top 5 sell more, you will have less waste.

Dynamic pricing

Because of the dynamic pricing, you are able to adjust the prices instantly or not show prices at all if it’s a group menu.

What would you like to eat?

The world of Pan Asian food is at your guests fingertips. Literally! The tailor made interactive multi touch tables are the heart of the Izkaya concept. After welcoming your guests and serving them their favorite drinks, your guests place their orders themselves. Just by using the interactive menu at their table.

We lay it all on the table

The Izkaya experience goes beyond food and drinks. The multi purpose touch table offers your guests a broader experience to let them interact with the touch table:

  • Change table cloth
  • Take a look in the kitchen (real time)
  • Play games
  • Check the latest news and the local weather forecast
  • Call the waiter
  • Option for mobile payment through cell phone
  • Activate the table through their Carlson Club card
  • Exceeding expectations

    With the Izkaya concept you will maintain a successful restaurant concept by exceeding the culinary expectations of your guests by offering an entirely new form of total dining experience. This will result in satisfied employees and satisfied guests who would love to come back soon.

    The Izkaya touch table experience starts in your room

    Provide your guests with extra convenience to allow them to order from their hotel room. Not through room service but through an Izkaya app. Because of the seamless integration with POS, a placed order will be placed in your kitchens workflow, giving the guest a table number and time that his order will be served.

    Innovative dining concept

    There’s room for truly innovative dining concepts. Besides value for money and speed of service, atmosphere is perceived as an important factor in the success. The Izkaya restaurant concept meets and exceeds expectations regarding these key elements.

    100% natural ingredients

    Izkaya Concepts offers a whole variety of Asian Fusion dishes, made off 100% natural ingredients. The food and interior design of Izkaya is influenced by Japanese izakaya’s, which are casual places, polular for drinkind and dining.

    The name ‘izakaya’ is a compound word consisting of ‘I’ (to sit) and ‘sakaya’ (sake shop). Food and drinks are ordered throughout the course of the session as desired and dishes are usually shared. Drinks also play an important role and Izkaya is famous for cocktails such as K1 martini and Hidekazu.

    Full concept

    Besides the touch tables, furniture and decoration, full menu details will be provided including detailed recipies, cost control sheets and updates.